COVID-19 Practice Information

Changes to our practice: Effective March 2020

Last Update: 1st October 2021

What is happening with endoscopic procedures in the current climate?

The majority of public hospitals are only performing emergency endoscopic procedures/category 1 cases.
The Sydney Adventist Hospital is currently performing endoscopic procedures in the Day Procedure Unit with a slight reduction in flow to allow for social distancing and increased sanitisation. There are increased precautions for patient and staff safety including:
  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 swab within 72 hours prior to your procedure
  • Mandatory QR code check-in
  • Mandatory mask wearing in the hospital
  • No visitor/support person allowed with patient into the hospital
  • Strict social distancing procedures
  • Staff wearing PPE including masks, eye protection and gowns

Our endoscopy units are strictly adhering to current guidelines on patient flow management, increased sanitisation and donning of personal protective equipment to minimise risks of disease transmission.


Please contact us on (02) 8921 9188 or if you have further questions.

What is NSG doing to protect our patients, staff and the broader community?

Our priority is to keep our patients, staff and the broader community safe and cared for during the challenges of the current pandemic.

Social Distancing Measures

1. Offering telehealth/telephone consultations where appropriate.

Who will be offered a telephone or telehealth consult?

  • For those with pre-existing bookings, your doctor will flag you as suitable for telephone or telehealth consultation and one of our administration staff will be in contact to set up the consultation.
  • For new patients, please send in your referral letter which will allow the doctor to determine if you are suitable for telephone or telehealth consultation. This can be done by fax (02) 8209 4856 or email


During the recent Greater Sydney lockdown, all consults have been conducted via telephone/telehealth. With the easing of restrictions from 11th October 2021, we will be reintroducing limited face to face consults where deemed appropriate. Waiting room area capacity will dictate the number of face-to-face consults available. Please let us know if you have a preference for face-to-face or telephone/telehealth consultation

Are Medicare rebates available for telephone and telehealth consults?

  • As of 6th April 2020 a Medicare rebate is available for telephone/telehealth consultations with a valid referral. There will still be an out of pocket cost.
  • If you attend for a face-to-face visit, you will be eligible for a rebate as usual if you have a valid referral.
  • You will be informed of the costs of the consultation at the time of booking or you can visit the page regarding fees on this website.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask our staff if you have any questions regarding our fee structure or would like to request any concessions.

How do I set up my telephone or telehealth consultation?

Prior to your consultation you will be sent detailed instructions about your
telephone or telehealth consultation.

2. For all clinic visits

  • Please fill in the COVID-19 Screening Survey PRIOR to your arrival
  • Please adhere to our COVID-19 Policies:
    • QR Code check-in is compulsory and will be sighted at presentation
    • All patients are asked to bring their own masks and wear them prior to entering our suites
    • Do not attend if unwell with fevers, cough, sore throat, chills, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle aches
    • Patients are asked to come alone, unless ONE support person is necessary (e.g. minors and those with a medical requirement for a support person). The support person may be ask to wait elsewhere if the waiting room becomes too crowded.
    • There is a no handshake policy currently
    • Please use hand sanitiser provided after contact with anything in our office


  • Please avoid touching your face, if you do please use hand sanitiser
  • Please cough or sneeze into your elbow, not hands
  • Please wash hands for 20 seconds after using the bathroom
  • Please be mindful of social distancing and remain 1.5m away from each other whilst awaiting your appointment
  • Please do not lean on the reception desk
  • Please dispose of paper cups in bin underneath the drinking fountain immediately after usage
  • The pens provided by us to fill in information will be wiped with alcohol after each usage

Prior to your consultation, please ensure that you have returned all the documentation requested when you made your booking with us, in particular the COVID-19 Screening Survey.


3. If your doctor is in self-isolation you will be offered one of three options:

  • A telephone or telehealth consultation with that doctor
  • The chance to defer your appointment
  • The chance to see another practitioner at Northern Suburbs Gastroenterology.

This will be discussed prior to your consultation.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is an evolving situation these policies are subject to change without notice.

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